2024/3/27 Awarded by Tohoku University [Humanitarian Assistance in Conflict Areas]

The President of Tohoku University presented a certificate of commendation to Professor Emeritus Motoyuki Sato of Tohoku University for his humanitarian assistance in conflict zones. Please click here to read the full article.(Japanese Only)

2024/3/21 Humanitarian demining training in Colombia

In mid-March, we trained ALIS with the Colombian Army’s Humanitarian Demining Unit.

2024/3/4 Russian Mines Hindering Ukraine’s Recovery: Sendai City Venture Firm Hopes to Develop Mine Detection Technology

Demining is an essential part of Ukraine’s reconstruction. The presentation introduced the local situation and the training for mine clearance. In addition to landmine clearance, the seminar also dealt with the survey of archaeological sites using underground exploration technology, as well as the survey of bodies and artifacts after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Please click here to view the report.(Japanese TV program)

Purpose of establishment

   ALISys is an abbreviation for Advanced Land Imaging System, and the company has the core of advanced landmine exploration radar system (ALIS) and advanced surface monitoring radar system (MIMO GB-SAR) possessed by Sato Laboratory (Tohoku University).
   ALISys Co., Ltd. established for the purpose that improving the efficiency of humanitarian demining work in conflict-affected countries, controlling landslides and aging damage in Japan and overseas using these advanced surface measurement technologies.